​Sharon Hay International

Sharon Hay International (SHI), is a consultancy firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that utilizes various assessment methods combined with the traditional principles of Feng Shui to encourage a positive environment for employee retention, management collaboration, client growth, increased sales and overall business success from small businesses to global corporations. 

Residential Developments 

Residential Developers can differentiate themselves in multi-cultural markets using Feng Shui and other time-honoured design principles. Through collaboration with developers, designers and architects, SHI blends the natural science of the environment with the modern designs and ecological concerns of today to harmonize neighborhoods and their surrounding communities.


Patrons and clients will be positively influenced by SHI’s unique solutions across a range of disciplines that supports the architecture integrity and function of a building. Visitors and workers will feel welcome, nurtured and enriched by the integration of traditional design principles and modern environmental enhancements.   This increased satisfaction leads to repeat business, positive referrals and recommendations, longer visits, larger purchases, extended memberships and ultimately increased revenue

Business strategies

The financial health of a business is directly related to the physical, mental and spiritual health of the people who work there. SHI conducts various workshops, seminars and consulting services for corporations including work-space optimization, employee profile assessments, and orientation training. Key employees, executives and business partners benefit from personal consultations creating an environment that supports individual goals and  success. 

Implementing SHI's cutting edge solutions, will improve profitability, increase sales and employee productivity. SHI's team of dedicated Feng Shui, Design and Business specialists integrate their talents to identify opportunities for improved profitability, and support the achievement of corporate objectives.

Virtual Home Consultations

A virtual Home Consultation is a walk-through of your home via internet, receiving real-time recommendations to address Feng Shui concerns.  While it is always better to have an on-site Feng Shui consultation, by booking a virtual consultation, you will reduce costs and eliminate scheduling and logistical challenges!  Click here to find out more!

Sharon Hay International has worked on various projects such as; IKEA, TD Bank, various financial management companies, Four Season's Hotel, Novotel, Nail Bay Resort (British Virgin Islands), the  Real Estate Council of Ontario, City of Toronto, University of Toronto, Centennial College and numerous real estate developers. SHI has successfully consulted hundreds of homes, businesses and other commercial projects. We would be honoured to work with your organization as well to create an environment for healthy business growth.