“SHI identified key areas for improvement of our design. They worked seamlessly with our project team members and where a joy to work with!"

Novotel Hotel

  • On-site / Off-site audits
  • Architect / Design collaboration
  • In-house seminars
  • Ground-Breaking Date Selection
  • Grand Opening Ceremony
  • Environmental Balance Assessment
  • Feng Shui Compliance Certification





Our mandate is to help clients differentiate themselves and their product in a multi-cultural market by blending  business and design techniques with the natural science of the environment.  We have expertise in business strategies, design concepts, marketing, Vaastu and Feng Shui.  Attract and retain clients with the unique "value-add" of being Feng Shui Compliant with SHI's proprietary Feng Shui Assessment.

Find out how you can differentiate your project in a highly competitive market. Call us now!

Our Feng Shui and Vaastu Experts are Internationally known for their diverse design approaches to seamlessly blend Eastern concepts with Western designs and lifestyles.

SHI conducts in-house seminars for workspace optimization, employee and office placement and environmental stress-reduction strategies.

Feng Shui concepts are used to anchor the success of each project, encourage a healthy working and living environment and attract International Investors and visitors.

We have business strategists that can work with your team to blend International philosophies and marketing ideas with your unique branding.

Stand out from the rest with added value

“SHI delivered unique concepts for our International Branch Operation. Our staff are more productive and we noticed a reduction in absenteeism!”

TD Bank

UNIQUE commercial / RESIDENTIAL design consulting

“Thank you Sharon for explaining FengShui to our staff and clients. You take the mystery out of Feng Shui and make it fun!"