Real Estate Development

​Sharon Hay International

Development Differentiation

"I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui.
I use it because it makes me money." 

-Donald Trump

 SHI collaborates with developers, designers, and architects on their real-estate developments (residential and commercial), institutions, public spaces, corporate offices, retail spaces and various other projects. Feng Shui provides specific guidelines on how to site, orient, design, and finish building developments in order to nurture the lives of residents and tenants. In addition it helps developers attain premium pricing and faster sales in the competitive multi-cultural market.  The principles are based on basic elements of mathematics and physics to promote healthy living and working environments. Feng Shui and other time-honoured design methodologies such as Vastu Shastra are not folklore or a mystical believe systems. Rather they incorporate science, with specific formulas and calculations that have been culturally accepted across Eastern societies for thousands of years and are being rapidly adopted by more and more successful businesses in the west. 

Residential Real Estate

Residential Developers can differentiate themselves in multi-cultural markets using Feng Shui and other time-honoured design principles. Through collaboration with developers, designers and architects, SHI blends the natural science of the environment with the modern designs and ecological concerns of today to harmonize neighborhoods and their surrounding communities.  

Utilizing the principles of Feng Shui and various traditional property assessment tools, SHI will provide recommendations to address identified Feng Shui challenges that maximize revenue and reduce the sales cycle.

Commercial Real Estate

Working with architects, space planners and interior designers, SHI integrates Feng Shui with the business's specific objectives, using traditional business techniques to address all project area’s from site planning, building design and landscaping; to floor layout and specialty lighting. SHI collaborates with industry leading construction firms to provide design-build services for clients large and small. We work to ensure that the owner’s requirements for aesthetics, efficiency and economy are met, while realizing the functional objectives and financial goals of the organization.  We integrate Feng Shui concepts to the specifications of exteriors, lobbies, restaurants, hotels, libraries, patios, public spaces or any retail or commercial business.

Patrons and clients will be positively influenced by SHI's unique solutions across a range of disciplines that supports the architectural integrity and function of any building or project.  Visitors and workers will feel welcome, nurtured and enriched by the integration of traditional design principles and modern environmental enhancements. This increased satisfaction leads to repeat business, positive referrals and recommendations, longer visits, larger purchases, extended memberships and ultimately increased revenue.

Real Estate Training and Workshops

SHI facilitates custom workshops for employees, your executives or sales team to be more Feng Shui savvy in communicating with clients and potential buyers. Your team will be able to address concerns and give solutions in a professional manner. 

Corporate Real Estate Businesses

A real estate company's office space, sales office and manager's offices are key hubs for the activities and success of the development.  SHI ensures the office space is optimized to support each of the key employees, clients and visitors. A harmonious workplace is conducive  to improved efficiency and productivity of workers.