Working alongside architects, space planners, interior designers and project team members, SHI integrates Feng Shui and traditional business techniques into project areas from site planning, building design and landscaping to floor layout while maintaining the client's overall design and marketing objectives.

Implementing these concepts promote healthy living and working environments while supporting company goals.

How We Do It

SHI's proprietary assessments involve specific calculations including compass directions and orientation of buildings, openings, architectural layouts and placement of decor to gauge positive and negative impact from surrounding hills, mountains, bodies of water, roadways and other structures in close proximity.  From these various assessments and calculations, sustainable recommendations are advised to enhance positive attributes and/or neutralize negative ones.  Various recommendations are made to ultimately suit the aesthetics and budget of the project thus creating win-win solutions.


Business Optimization

The principles of Feng Shui are used by many of the most successful companies in the world to increase revenue, reduce stress and improve productivity.

Chase Manhattan, Citibank, TD Bank, HSBC, Paine Webber, Morgan Guaranty Trust have all experienced positive results when implementing Feng Shui. It has been utilized in businesses from the office towers of downtown Vancouver, Canada to the financial headquarters of Wall Street in New York. Body Shop owner Anita Roddick openly praises the use of Feng Shui principles in the design and layout of her headquarters and shops around the world for improving revenue and their customers' in-store experience for over 20 years.

SHI's solutions create a balanced, healthy, and supportive environment for your individual projects and your corporate employees.

Statistics show reducing stress in the work environment directly impacts your organizations bottom line.

  • According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Canadian companies lose an estimated $16.6 billion in productivity per year due to workers calling in sick, as a result of mental health issues
  • One in four workers has left his or her job due to work-related stress, according to a 2017 Monster Canada study

Residential Developments

Residential Developers can differentiate themselves in multi-cultural markets using Feng Shui and other time-honoured design principals. Through collaboration with developers, designers and architects, SHI blends the natural science of the environment with the modern designs and ecological concerns of today to harmonize neighborhoods and their surrounding communities.

Real Estate funders, when using SHI's services for their developments, have found a significant increase in interest from various investors around the world following through to monetary commitment.

SHI assess every aspect of the project to insure the project will  benefit as whole, including sales office and showroom to fetch premium pricing and faster sales in the competitive global real estate market.

Commercial / Institutional Properties

Patrons, visitors, clients and workers will feel the beneficial impact of SHI's recommendations that supports the architectural integrity, function principles and environmental balance. This increased satisfaction leads to repeat business, referrals and recommendations, longer visits, larger purchases, extended memberships and ultimately increased revenue.

SHI works to ensure that the owner's requirements for aesthetics, efficiency and economy are met, while maintaining the objectives and financial goals of the organization. SHI will seamlessly integrate Feng Shui concepts to the specifications of exteriors, lobbies, restaurants, hotels, libraries, patios, public spaces including retail and commercial businesses.

Business Strategies

The financial health of a business is directly related to the physical, mental and spiritual health of the people who work there. SHI conducts various workshops, seminars and consulting services for corporations including work-space optimization, employee profile assessments, and orientation training. Key employees, executives and business partners benefit from SHI's consultations creating a harmonious environment that supports individual goals, creativity, productivity and overall success for each individual.

The value of enhancing the work-space extends beyond the physical office to create and maintain positive relationships with clients and business associates.

SHI has worked with companies such as: IKEA, TD Bank, Burgundy Assets, Novotel, Telus, Law Society of Upper Canada, Nail Bay Resort (BVI), Ontario Real Estate Association and various high-profile financial management corporations and individuals. 

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